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Frequently asked questions about Barn dances and Ceilidhs.

By Swing your partner.


What do you sound like?
Here are a selection of tunes which we play for dances.

Reel - Whistlin' Rufus

Jigs - Edmund MacKenzie of Plockton / Coleraine / Hot Punch

Waltz - Kelly-Ann McLeod

When are you available?
Contact us with possible dates and we will let you

How much do you charge?
The cost is dependant on a couple of factors; the number of musicians and the distance travelled (we do not artificially raise the cost for weddings!), again Contact us for a price.

What do you do?
We provide a caller, musicians, sound equipment, enthusiasm and know-how to talk you through a dance. The dance is then danced to music, just join in and let us take care of the entertainment.

I want an Irish / Scottish / English / American themed event, is that possible?
We have years of experience playing different styles of music with appropriate tunes.

I don’t know any dances.
No problem. We do! and we will teach you to dance lots of them.

I have danced often. Can the dances be more challenging?
Of course. We have plenty of dances with more complicated or unusual figures in them.  We like to use a variety of dances – it’s interesting for us too.

I have danced some boring dances. I don’t want to do those!
Neither do we! As an experienced Scottish dancer I have danced many complicated dances. However there are some easier ceilidh dances that I do like dancing, and some that I am not so keen on. I use my discretion to leave out the dances I don’t like on the principle that you probably won’t like them either. Some easier dances have some great figures in them.

What sort of venue do we need?
We have played in everything from stately homes to a gazebo in a field! The most important detail is to make sure the space is big enough for the numbers you are expecting.

How long do you play for during the evening?
This varies depending on the event but usually for two 1½ hour sessions with a break in between. We are happy to be flexible.

Can children join in?
On the whole children really enjoy joining in and we make sure they are able to understand what to do. Parental supervision is important though.

Are you insured?
Yes. I belong to the musicians union so we are covered fully for public liability up to £10million and our equipment is PAT tested for electrical safety.

I have an event to organise and I want something sociable.
A barn dance is ideal for getting groups to mix together, whether two families meeting for a wedding, or colleagues and partners at an office party. Those that join in enjoy themselves even if they are getting it wrong – in fact that is often more fun! You only have to look at the smiles on their faces to be sure!

I want to raise money for my charity.
A barn dance is an ideal way to do this. The costs can be relatively low. An American supper helps to take the pressure off those delegated to provide food. Running your own bar is a good way to increase profits, and of course there are always raffles. Advertise as widely as possible for a couple of months before people get booked up with other events.

You provide the venue, as many people willing to dance as possible and we will do the rest.

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