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To find out more - contact Kate Carpenter on 01202 914128 or email katecarpenter@hotmail.co.uk.


About the orchestra

Aminor Fiddle Orchestra started from an idea to get young people from various schools performing together, music that was fun to play but did not require a lot of rehearsals. The initial idea was to play at Wimborne and Weymouth Folk Festivals and bookings for these started the process. During their lessons they have learnt a variety of folk tunes from different countries which they can then all play together as a group. So far we have had a number of performances over several years which were very successful.

These students are all busy, involved with a great variety of activities and finding a common time for rehearsing would be very difficult. Our first rehearsal was in a corridor 2 hours before our first performance!! but I knew they could play the music and would perform well together. They responded by a great performance on the main staircase at Gaunts House. Another was in the gallery (it became a real minstrels gallery!) overlooking the shop at Honeybrook Farm. Unusual places to play perhaps, but they made very memorable experiences. We have also played at Wimborne, Weymouth and Swanage Folk Festivals, Bournemouth Carnival and Bournemouth Music Festival and various other places. There are around 20 students involved aged from just 7 to 15 years old (mostly around 8-11). They all play the violin, but having taught a number of them to play the recorder also, we very successfully included recorders with the violins, to give variety for some tunes.

The tunes vary in difficulty and everyone can play the tune if they can. There are various interesting harmony parts for the more experienced, and simpler parts for the harder tunes if needed. Folk tunes are not just easy tunes, they can cover all sorts of technical problems – and can be very useful to practise. The music sets contain Irish polkas, American reels, English Morris tunes, a Welsh lullaby, and some tunes from Latin America and Brazil. Two parents have also got Octave violins to accompany them and I also play the keyboard, with some percussion from the children.

We would like to find other local places where we can play and inspire others to enjoy folk music and also the fiddle. Everyone hearing us comments how good we sound, and how unlike all the school orchestras that they have heard. This is because we play tunes that we like, know, and do not find so difficult, so everyone plays well and confidently. We don’t charge – and we would like opportunities to entertain. We tend to choose Sundays as this is usually less busy than Saturdays - but we're always open to requests.


Clients comments

Thanks ever so much for bringing your children over - it was great. They were wonderful.


So many people said how wonderful it was to see so many children playing and enjoying themselves.

Your children - they were great.



Future Dates

Dates next year to be arranged.


Contact us

If you would like us to perform at a function for you please contact Kate Carpenter 01202 914128 or email katecarpenter@hotmail.co.uk for availability.

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